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Our next Holiday Show will be in November, 2011.
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Assabet Pottery is located in Concord, Massachusetts.

The studio is within sight of the beautiful Assabet River - which runs from its origin in Westborough to Egg Rock, the place at which the Assabet joins the Sudbury to form the Concord River.

What I make: The work produced at Assabet pottery is varied. Most is functional, using glazes that are safe for daily use and fired to temperatures that make the clay durable and strong. Bowls, plates, vases, cups, teapots, colanders, and candle holders are among the shapes and forms that have been produced and sold. Most of the pieces are thrown on a potter's wheel, often with hand alterations and designs or carvings added before completion.

Firing Techniques: Firing techniques include gas-fired reduction, soda-fired reduction, electric-fired oxidation, as well as some saggar and raku firing. Each technique has unique advantages and is used to create certain looks or feelings in the pieces.

Collaborative Work: One of the most popular lines of work produced by Assabet Pottery has been collaborative work between a potter and a painter. Alison Lauriat creates the ceramic forms and Jane Dahmen provides artful images that enhance and fit the forms. The result is a painted pottery that is unique in its color, decoration and image.

Enjoy browsing in the Gallery, and please send me an email with any questions about pieces you're interested in.

Alison Lauriat

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The Assabet River
The Assabet River  Interactive Map of Concord